10 Times When Horseback Riders Can Benefit from Physical Therapy

01. When there is pain.

Pain is a signal from your body that it needs attention. Whether it is pain in the saddle,
in the barn, or in the rest of life, pain is not something that you have to tolerate.

02. You want a competitive edge.

Not everyone has the same capacity to execute the same physical movements. A physical therapist can assess your physical abilities to determine how your body is unique.

03. You have had surgery.

Whether it was 4 weeks ago or 40 years ago, surgeries change our brain’s ability to engage muscles. With a quick assessment, we can confirm and correct your compensation patterns.

04. You are considering trying a rider fitness program.

Any time spent exercising is good, but if you are limited on time, why not prioritize? A physical therapy evaluation can identify what you need to focus on and how you can best spend your precious exercise minutes.

05. You are having pelvic floor issues.

A pelvic floor issue is a change in bladder, bowel, or sexual function / comfort. Your pelvic floor is your seat. Tension here will affect your communication with your horse.

06. You feel like one side of your body works better than the other.

This isn’t all in your head. Past experiences (such as back pain, ankle sprains, carrying a child on one hip more than the other) create changes in strength and coordination. Your physical therapist can develop a plan to address this.

07. You want your legs to be in a different position.

Trying to get more open hips? Trying to keep your toes pointed in the correct direction? There are usually physical reasons why your legs aren’t where you would like them to be.

08. You have had a recent fall.

From concussion screenings to balance assessments, physical therapists are trained to identify issues that impact performance.

09. Your instructor keeps telling you that your posture in the saddle is asymmetric.

Have you tried and tried to fix the rotation / collapsing of your trunk? Your muscles work in teams. When the left side and the right side aren’t functioning symmetrically, we look twisted. Let’s get to the bottom of it!

10. For a baseline assessment.

Having someone take the time to learn how your body functions when it is healthy is invaluable. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention…

Jennifer Benton owner of Being in Balance Physical Therapy

I am Jennifer Benton with Being in Balance Physical Therapy. I have 25+ years of experience in the physical therapy field and have studied with a physical therapist for the United States and Great Britain Olympic Equestrian teams.

I provide sessions at your home or at your barn (with barn management approval) and am happy to work with your riding instructor.

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